An Escape Room is a team building activity where teams of between 3 and 8 people are pitted together in a scenario and given the task to escape within an hour’s time. Teams must be able to communicate & rely on each other and their abilities in order to solve puzzles & progress through the adventure. Puzzles at Escape Reality require a variety of different skill sets.

Escape room puzzles can be broadly categorized into three different groups:

1) Spatial & Mechanical Puzzles – these puzzles generally involve interacting with the room itself – whether that be pushing a certain block in the room to unveil something, moving pieces into the correct places or even adding a substance to a component in the room. (example: pouring water into a pipe to float a key inside container to the top of the pipe)
2) Logic Puzzles – A Logic puzzle is one where you’ll have to use your problem solving skills in order to solve the puzzle. This can include solving patterns or putting things in a sequential order or direction.
3) Mathematical & Word Puzzles – These puzzles generally involve unscrambling letters or words or using mathematics in order to come up with a combination of a lock.

Our escape rooms require implementing leadership & communication between team members. Many of our puzzles and escape rooms are impossible to solve with only one person, this makes teamwork a necessity in being successful. Leadership & communication are essential towards being an escape room champion.

You will be given 60 minutes time to escape in all of our escape rooms. Hints may be provided by our staff throughout the adventure or can also be requested by the players. All escape rooms have a unique scenario and story behind them. Our puzzles & decor are always constructed with the room scenario in mind to fully submerse escape teams into the story.