Do I need to book ahead?
We do recommend that you book in advance, but we do allow walk-ins and we will let you know the next time slot that is available if you show up without a reservation. Just please be aware that we can get busy and it may be difficult to get you in right away.


How many people can play an Escape Room?
All of our rooms are designed for a maximum of 8 players. Our minimum per room is 2, but we find that groups of 4 to 6 are going to have the best time and are the most successful.


I Made a reservation, but I can’t make it. What do I do?
We understand that things can come up. If you can’t be here at your reserved time please notify us more than two hours in advance and we will work with you to reschedule your experience.


I don’t want to play with strangers, can we have a private game if we aren’t booking a full room?
You can make a game private when you book, it will add an additional $5 per person to the ticket price, but will ensure the room cannot be booked by anyone else.

There are only 2 of us, can we play by ourselves?
Read the question above - but there still may be a minimum of 3 or 4 players for particular rooms. This is not just a monetary restriction! It is due to the difficulty of the room and the requirements within the room for multiple people to be involved. 

I’m booking for a group of six, but I don’t want to pay for everyone, what do I do?
Our online booking software allows for split payments. Choose split payments while you make your booking. You will receive an email after you complete checkout that you can forward to the other players that will allow them to pay online. It is your responsibility that those payments are made with more than 2 hours before your game, or the system will automatically charge your card at the 2 hour mark.

If a phone booking is made, we require a non-refundable deposit of at least two tickets to hold a reservation, and the remainder of the payment can be made on site at the time of the game. Please make sure to get there a little early to handle those payments before your game time starts!

Can kids play?
All ages are welcome to enjoy our rooms. We recommend 10 and up and we don’t allow children under 14 to play without an adult in the room. Children 7 & under are half-price. Also, since a waiver needs to be signed by someone over 18 who is willing to take responsibility for the children involved, at least one parent needs to sign in any person under the age of 18.

Are some of your rooms harder than others?
Our rooms are all challenging, but that’s the point of why you’re coming here! The order from least to most difficult are: Robot Toy Factory, Corporate Spy, Descent into Madness, Mafia Mayhem.


Do I have to be 21 to play Mafia Mayhem?
No, any age can play Mafia Mayhem. We will gladly provide a non-alcoholic drink of their choice in place of the adult beverage option.

Do you have a discount?
We offer 15% to college students, seniors (60+), and first responders and veterans. On Sundays and Monday, kids 17 and under are half-price when they play with an adult family member**. We also run other special promotions from time to time. Check out facebook for the latest.

** limit of 3 children’s tickets per full price parent’s ticket

Is there anyone else in the room with us?
Yes, in Mafia Mayhem, your gamemaster is also your bartender. No other rooms have actors in them.


We have Virtual Reality Escape Rooms and VR gaming

We have a bar with a great selection of wine, domestic and craft beers and signature mixed drinks at great prices (nothing over $5)

We do costume photos

We have a game with a bartender (and free drinks) inside it

We have tons of board games and encourage you to stay and play