What is this place?

Immersive, real-time fun at Sarasota's and Bradenton's best escape room.  Where else can you drink, play escape games, dine, karaoke and play smartphone games with quirky people who only want you to have fun.  Oh, and sometimes there's fresh buttered popcorn.  If you ask nicely!

Check out our review from Escape Authority! We're proud to say that we earned 5 keys! You can read it for yourself here.

Challenge your mind to a whole NEW kind of FUN!

"Escape Reality was my first experience with escape rooms. Let me tell you, I am now hooked!"

- Jaime Helton, Macaroni Kid Sarasota-Venice FL

"We had a one-of-a-kind experience and if you think we're going back you are 100% correct my friend."

- Kirsten Sponseller, Sarasota Day


Are you ready to Escape Reality?

Challenge yourself and your friends to a new kind of immersive real-time adventure at Escape Reality Games.  Our Escape Rooms are designed to be fun and challenging, but the level of difficulty is up to you. Escape as fast as you can once the countdown timer begins.  Experience a whole new kind of fun.