Escape Reality is an Escape Room company founded in Sarasota, Florida by Michael Katzman and Suzan Ponte, a married couple that finally figured out how to merge their love of games, wacky interior design, lighting, and toys under one roof.  

    What is an escape room, you ask?  Our escape rooms are heavily themed rooms in which a group of people are locked in** and given a time limit to solve a series of puzzles and riddles, open locks, find hidden clues, and if all goes well, escape before time runs out!

    Lastly, we have the puzzle bar, where you can hang out and have a Monster or a beer with the friends you came in with or the friends you just made in the escape room. Simple snacks will be on hand, and food is available to be delivered after your game from a wide variety of restaurants in the shopping center.

Come check us out and experience the best escape room and gaming experience you can have!

**Of course you will not really be locked in - there are emergency exits in the rooms if anyone feels like they need to leave.